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The Remarkable Leadership Podcast is a weekly podcast with Kevin Eikenberry, a world expert on leadership development who speaks with leadership experts and leaders from a wide range of industries around the world. Kevin hand-picks his guests to help the audience see the world differently, lead more confidently and make a bigger difference for those they lead. Join us as Kevin and his guests talk about leadership, teamwork, organizational culture, facilitating change, organizational learning, and human potential. In short, this podcast will help you become the most remarkable YOU you can be.
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Apr 20, 2018

If you have kids or if you were ever a kid (and I'm guessing you can answer at least one of these affirmatively??), you have asked or been asked this question before:

What did you learn today?

And while this is a very valid question, as you'll notice in the title of this blog post, it's not the question I am talking about in the video.

Instead of a REVIEW question, I am talking about a PREVIEW question.

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Apr 18, 2018

Gary Brackett went from an undrafted free agent to football captain and Superbowl champion. Post football, he is a community leader and entrepreneur. How did someone 5’10” and 230 pounds get to these positions? He played from the neck up and joins Kevin to talk about consistency and repetition. Lessons he learned on the playing field transfer to his role as the owner of Brackett Restaurant Group and founder of The Impact Foundation. He shares the importance of continuing to read, learn, train and invest in yourself to make your next “quarter” better.

Apr 13, 2018

The commercials during the Super Bowl have become just as popular as the actual sporting event itself, and this year, there was one that was even more popular and memorable for The Kevin Eikenberry Group. provided some valuable leadership lessons for me, my team and really all leaders.

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Apr 11, 2018

Leading and learning are hooked together; not surprising or new information. Kay Peterson, founder of the Institute for Experiential Learning and co-author of How You Learn is How You Live joins Kevin to discuss how we can increase our capability to learn from the experiences throughout our lives. Kay talks about learning styles and how they can be applied to not only be a more effective learner, but also a more effective leader.

In this episode, Kay:

1. Defines experiential learning.
2. Discusses the learning cycle and learning styles.
3. Shares her thoughts on learning flexibility.

Apr 6, 2018

Today I’m using a metaphor with boiling water that provides concrete and easy tips to help leaders remain calm and collected so that they can better communicate with and lead their team.

From The Episode:

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Apr 4, 2018

Focus will get you to average. Top performers not only focus but obsess over a few things according to Morten Hansen. Morten is the author of Great at Work: How Top Performers Do Less, Work Better, and Achieve More and joins Kevin to discuss his research on the practices of top leaders. Based on data collected from surveys, case studies and a few years of statistical analysis, Morten defines practices of top performers (including a practice that was surprising). These can be applied by any leader looking to maximize their time and performance.

In this episode, Morten shares:

1. 7 Practices of top leaders.

2. Rules and sins of collaboration.

Additional Resources:

When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing by Dan Pink


Mar 30, 2018

Despite our best intentions, it’s sometimes hard NOT to assume or misinterpret someone’s intentions or jump to the negative.

And while we all know that giving someone the benefit of the doubt or assuming the positive is the correct answer to the situation, it’s also hard to make this complete jump from negative to positive.

Today, I’m presenting an alternative – an alternative with four major bonuses that will help you be more successful as a leader and as a person. 

From This Episode:

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Mar 28, 2018

Organizational culture is almost becoming cliché. Yet, culture is vital to both employee and customer experiences. Brand expert Denise Lee Yohn and author of Fusion: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies shares insight to building a culture unique to you and aligning that culture with your brand. You need to connect the internal view (what it’s like to work here) with the external view (how people see you).

In this episode, Kevin and Denise discuss 1. Lessons to create fusion at any level. 2. Brand types. 3. Artifacts and rituals.

Mar 23, 2018

Having a highly committed team takes investment and time. And achieving this valuable objective requires one thing to happen first.

Check out this episode to find out the secret to a more committed team.

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Mar 21, 2018

The height of your team’s performance is directly related to the depth of connection among its members. Jeff Manchester, co-author of THE POWER OF VULNERABILITY: How to Create a Team of Leaders by Shifting INward, discusses vulnerability in the workplace. To see greater results, we need to develop a culture that builds in confidentiality. 

In this episode, learn about 1. INpowerment vs. Empowerment. 2. Vulnerability in the workplace. 3. Role of a leader to create deeper connections.

Mar 16, 2018

Today we're talking about complacency. Unfortunately, it's all too easy to become complacent in some area of our lives. And I've heard more than one leader say, "I've let myself slip and become complacent."

So today, I'm giving us solutions.

Check out this episode for five specific tips to help you combat complacency, to have more learning and be more productive and successful.

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Mar 14, 2018

Managing people is complex, amazing and messy. Carol Sanford challenges they way we think about leadership and best practices. She is the author of several books, including her latest, The Regenerative Business, which shifts our way of working so that we see innovation, financial gain, and customer loyalty while building human capacity. She tasks leaders to questions build educational infrastructure to focus on reflection.

In this episode, Carol discusses 1. Promise beyond ableness. 2. Toxic best practices (and the instead).

Mar 9, 2018

While the title of this post is about taking ownership, in truth, it's about accountability.

And accountability starts with ownership.

If we want to model the right behavior for our teams, it starts with us. In this episode, I'm asking a series of question to help us think about how we are behaving and how we can help to set the right example for our team.

From This Episode:

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Mar 7, 2018

How can we leverage differences to achieve our business goals? The idea of diversity has been around for years and we need to move beyond that to succeed. Jane Hyun, author of Flex: The New Playbook for Managing Across Differences, discusses cultural fluency to navigate across groups. This is vital today as we have seen shifts in not only the demographics of our workforce (i.e. Millennials) but with our investors, vendors, suppliers…

In this episode, find out about 1. Cultural fluency. 2. Flexing. 3. Power distance.

Mar 2, 2018

We are all busy. Ask five people how they’ve been and I can almost guarantee that you will hear more than once, “I’ve been busy.” In fact, the idea of “busyness” has almost become a badge of honor.

But the whole idea behind busy is it’s all about activity. We’re doing a bunch of stuff, a bunch of tasks. But what are we really accomplishing?

We need to shift our focus from ACTIVITY to ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

From This Episode:

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Feb 28, 2018

How do we use moments of stress to create something better? Ama Marston is co-author (with her mom) of Type R: Transformative Resilience for Thriving in a Turbulent World. She joins Kevin to discuss challenges; personal, professional, and global and skills you need to hone to bounce back. Type-R’s look to turn challenges into opportunities and find ways to grow from experiences.

In this episode, learn about 1. Resilience vs. transformative resilience. 2 Type-R skill sets. 3. How leaders can nurture Type-R skills. 4. Global implications.

Feb 23, 2018

Respect in the workplace (and unfortunately, lack thereof) is a hot topic in the media today. And it’s an extremely important one for leaders.

I’m focusing on the importance of not just being more respectful but also less judgmental – what this means to us as leaders and employees and how we can do it more successfully.

From This Episode:

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Feb 21, 2018

Paul Cummings, the author of It All Matters: 125 Strategies to Achieve Maximum Confidence, Clarity, Certainty, and Creativity, joins Kevin to talk about the power of a single decision and shares insights into some of the strategies to achieve the 4 C’s. To keep your team from getting stuck in the rut of average, you should move along the continuum from teaching to coaching to mentoring.

In this episode, find out about

1. The importance of mindset for a leader.

2. How leaders can create a mindset for their teams.

3. Commitment to discipline.

Feb 16, 2018

No one will argue that they want to work for a selfish or ego-maniacal boss. That’s pretty basic. And…in order to ensure that we aren’t being selfish and that we are being selfless, we need to be more aware of our behavior and how it’s perceived.

So today, I’m giving you simple tips for how to be more aware, more others-focused and therefore more successful overall.

From This Episode:

  • Read the original blog post, Eight Ways to Be a Better Employee in 2018here.
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Feb 14, 2018

Leading from a distance can seem difficult, yet it is still about leadership, and the principles of leadership haven’t changed—they are principles. In this episode, Kevin is in the visitor’s seat to talk about the opportunities and challenges with leading a remote team. He gives us a preview into The Long-Distance Leader, scheduled for a June 2018 release and shares some takeaways we can implement today.

In this episode, learn more about 1. Nuances of remote leadership. 2. The importance of trust and communication. 3. Challenges of remote working.

Feb 9, 2018

There is no question about the value that technology has brought to our lives - both personally and professionally. It allows us to do infinitely more than we have ever been able to before. AND...there are times when we need to step away and have personal, live, real communication.

Check out today's episode for easy tips on how leaving technology behind can improve your relationships and your results.


From This Episode:

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Feb 7, 2018

Does your forecasted future provoke an insight that leads to action? Bob Johansen is a distinguished fellow with the Institute for the Future and author or co-author of ten books. Bob’s latest book, The New Leadership Literacies, moves beyond skills and looks at new leadership literacies that will be needed to survive in a VUCA world. He joins Kevin to discuss a futurist view of how companies should think about leadership.

Feb 2, 2018

This is the beginning of an 8-part series designed to help you be a better employee and therefore a better leader.

And today we’ll dig deeper into how to be more focused and less distracted. 

From This Episode:

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Jan 31, 2018

Andy Cunningham knows that positioning is more than just a marketing term, it is the formulation of a business strategy. Andy is the author of Get to Aha! Discover Your Positioning DNA and Dominate Your Competition and shares the framework she uses to transform markets and industries. Regardless of your title within the organization, you need to understand your company’s DNA to create alignment and clarity within your team.

Jan 24, 2018

Statistics show we are moving to more video interactions, both personal (social media) and professional (remote working). Vern Oakley, author of LEADERSHIP IN FOCUS: Bringing Out Your Best On Camera and veteran filmmaker, joins Kevin to discuss and provide advice to leaders so that they express their authenticity on camera. This is a skill any leader needs to embrace and learn so they can inspire and influence without the immediate feedback.

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