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The Remarkable Leadership Podcast is a weekly podcast with Kevin Eikenberry, a world expert on leadership development who speaks with leadership experts and leaders from a wide range of industries around the world. Kevin hand-picks his guests to help the audience see the world differently, lead more confidently and make a bigger difference for those they lead. Join us as Kevin and his guests talk about leadership, teamwork, organizational culture, facilitating change, organizational learning, and human potential. In short, this podcast will help you become the most remarkable YOU you can be.
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Oct 17, 2018

Less than ½ of organizations say they have a consistent understanding of what strategy is and have a common language for it. Today Kevin and bestselling author on strategy Rich Horwath, most recently of STRATEGYMAN VS. THE ANTI-STRATEGY SQUAD, chat about how leaders can build their team's strategic capabilities. He believes that many managers are not maximizing the potential in their organization because they are not looking at insights. Everyone can think strategically, and we need to use this power to impact the bottom line.

Oct 15, 2018

Understanding your point of view is a launching point to becoming more emotionally intelligent, thereby building better relationships. Guy Harris is part of the Kevin Eikenberry team as a coach and master trainer and co-author of From Bud to Boss. Prior to becoming a trainer and coach, Guy served as a Nuclear Engineering Officer in the U.S. Navy Submarine Force. What he came to discover was that all his technical training did not prepare him to deal with humans. People were more complex than submarines AND if he wanted to make a greater impact he needed to work with others. He joins Kevin, in part, to discuss team building, relationships, and personality testing. Tests, such as DISC, should be used as a tool to build self-awareness, which is a stepping stone to becoming a better leader.

Oct 12, 2018

I’ve found that almost all of the successful people that I know, have met or even have read about have at least this one thing in common:

They have a positive perspective.

And while this can mean that they are sometimes optimists, it isn’t necessarily the same thing.

Oct 10, 2018

There are 10 positive emotions and when you express them, you open your mind to greater learning and better relationships. Scientifically, positive emotion expands our mental capabilities. Lisa Zigarmi is an organizational psychologist and leadership coach working with Fortune 500 companies and author of #Positivity at Work. Lisa and Kevin discuss positive psychology, esp. as it related to leadership. Leaders can create a culture for their people to flourish by simply helping them find meaning in their work as it relates to their team, their division, and the organization. She feels that emotion needs to be legitimized in the workplace and leaders need to make space for people to express emotion. When we forbid feelings, we see only part of the picture. Leaving them out of decision-making, judgment and interaction is not only impossible, but it’s also imprudent. Discrediting feelings in business blocks access to growth, meaning making and sustainable results.

Oct 8, 2018

Chris Dyer is the founder of G2 and the author of The Power of Company Culture. He joins Kevin to discuss lessons learned on his path to founding his own company. Chris has spent years researching what drives profits and productivity in a variety of corporations. He recognized that many leaders were intentional about NOT doing certain things. You need to know your limitations (and ask for help) and leverage your strengths.

Oct 5, 2018

It is my personal belief and a major organizational philosophy of ours that you cannot be a successful leader over a long period of time without having an OTHERS Focus.

And when I use this term, the topic often turns to Servant Leadership – are they one and the same?

Check out today’s episode to find out what Servant Leadership really means and how your focus can truly change your results and your life.

Oct 3, 2018

Five generations are in the workplace today and 40% of Americans have a boss younger than they are. What does this all mean for those of us closer to retirement? What are you going to do in the second stage of your career? Chip Conley is the author of Wisdom @ Work: The Making of a Modern Elder and Airbnb Strategic Advisor for Hospitality and Leadership. Chip and Kevin discuss a fast-changing workplace due to technology and the youth of today have the benefit of being “digital natives”. With that said, wisdom can be shared. Throughout the rapid change, we still remember that the need to understand humans is timeless. Chip tells us what it means to be a modern elder and capitalize on the qualities gained through experience, like good judgment and emotional intelligence.

Oct 1, 2018

Culture. Is it the current buzzword? How important is it to your organization? Karen Jaw-Madson is the principal of Co.-Design of Work Experience and author of Culture Your Culture: Innovating Experiences @Work. She was frustrated by all the talk surrounding the importance of culture yet found that most organizations did not have an intentional process to create their culture. She shares with Kevin the journey to create the book and how she purposely did not want it filled with case studies. She explains the Design of Work Experience and through this framework leaders, teams, and employees across the board can create a culture to fit their context.

Sep 28, 2018

I am sharing a lesson today from one of my favorite books by Og Mandino, The Greatest Miracle in the World.

In this great book, there is an incredibly powerful sentence that all leaders can learn from:

Use wisely your power of choice.

Listen to this episode to learn how you can use this power to be more effective and more successful.

Sep 26, 2018

Goals and goal setting. Much has been written about this topic; from importance to how to write the tasks and action items. Biagio ‘Bill’ Sciacca is the author of Goals Book: Embracing Personal Responsibility in an Age of Entitlement. Biagio not only does consulting, he has taught at the university level since 1982, and, recently, took a full-time academic post at Penn State University, where he lectures in Micro and Macro Economics, Marketing, Leadership, Strategic Management and Interpersonal Skills in Business. His first attempt at the book resulted in a lot of blank pages, where the reader was supposed to fill in their goals. He realized that this might not be helpful and takes a different approach to goal setting and encourages us to think about habit formation.

Sep 21, 2018

In my company, I allow my employees to choose their own job title.

I of course, did the same. And I know that I did a pretty decent job when I picked mine because when I tell people what it is, I almost always get comments on it.

But this video isn’t about my title, well not entirely. It’s about one very important word in my title…


And in this episode, I have two very important questions that leaders need to ask about potential in order to get great results.

Sep 19, 2018

All too often it’s the organizational norms that are preventing the company and it's people from growing. Change is rapid and relying on best practices or the playbook can be dangerous for the company and your career. Geoff Tuff is the co-author of DETONATE: Why—And How—Corporations Must Blow Up Best Practices (And Bring a Beginner’s Mind) to Survive. Geoff and Kevin discuss the DETONATE mindset, some typical best practices and why they need to be disrupted for next-generation thinking. Further, leaders at all levels need to look at what drives human behavior because that is where the change happens.

Sep 14, 2018

While the title of this post might have you thinking about the HVAC in your home, let me assure you that’s not what this is about.

In today’s episode, I’m talking about the filters that you see the world through as a leader – what they are and then how to change them.

Sep 12, 2018

Drew Dudley believes we should consciously create moments of leadership. He is the founder of Day One Leadership and author of This Is Day One: A Practical Guide To Leadership That Matters. Drew joins Kevin to talk about leadership and personal growth. We need to celebrate moments of compassion and generosity every day; not just look at leadership in blocks of time. Regardless of your role, leadership moments happen all the time and begin at the same place for everyone, Day One.

Sep 7, 2018

Our lives are busy – both at work and at home – and it’s easy to live in reality but not always easy to actually “see” what your reality is.

And as leaders, this is a really important distinction.

In today’s episode, I’m asking three questions to help leaders “see” their reality so that they can be more successful.

Sep 5, 2018

Don’t start with the problem. Think about your vision and where you want to go. Steve Shallenberger shared results of his research into what sets apart high achieving individuals in Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders. That research also led him to discover that most organizations did not have an approach to solving problems. Most leaders want their employees to bring solutions instead of problems, yet there is no process. This led him to co-write The Transformation Challenge. Steve shares stories and examples of his proprietary Six-Step Process to transform any challenge or problem.

As listeners of the Remarkable Leadership Podcast, he is offering a quick start guide to help walk you through the process. You can e-mail Steve at and mention this podcast.

Aug 31, 2018

Every week for the last several years, my remote team has shared a weekly report with updates and pertinent information for the other teammates. And while this report has changed over the years, there is one component that has been consistent:

What have you learned this week?

And last week, I shared a very valuable lesson in my report that will help all leaders: When I read more, I think better.

There is absolutely no doubt that there is a connection between being a reader and being a more effective leader. So today, I’m asking you about your reading habits…

Aug 29, 2018

Donna Hicks, author of Leading with Dignity: How to Create a Culture That Brings Out the Best in People joins Kevin to discuss the role of dignity in leadership, relationships, and negotiations. Donna was at the table at many conflict discussions, including Israel/Palestine and Northern Ireland. What she found was that there was another conversation at the table that was non-verbal and emotional. She shares with Kevin that few of us understand the role dignity plays in leadership and when we don’t respect dignity, there are trust and conflict issues. Leaders need to walk the talk and we all need to understand how vulnerable we are.

Aug 24, 2018

As this releases on July 3rd, people in the U.S. might be thinking about freedom as we prepare to celebrate Independence Day. But independence doesn’t only apply in early July. Leaders can and should be thinking about independence and what it means in their teams and at work.

Aug 22, 2018

Feedback is as a skill that helps people get better. Margie Mauldin found that she was either a cheerleader or silent and wasn’t good at providing feedback, in part because she didn’t understand the elements of effective feedback. Through research, observation and interviews she created the Feedback Revolution: Building Relationships & Boosting Results. This book was desinged to enhance your skill set in an enjoyable, inviting and above all, practical way. At the end of the day, you want your people to improve and they want to improve. Margie shares her thoughts about ending the negative stigma associated with feedback and truly make it a tool.

Aug 17, 2018

In these Remarkable TV episodes, I answer questions; you ask questions; we consider questions; there are a lot of questions.

In this episode, I am proposing a question that all leaders need to ask themselves.

Aug 15, 2018

Long-term success is dependent on continuous learning, yet we often find that we get in our own way. Dr. Bradley Staats, author of Never Stop Learning: Stay Relevant, Reinvent Yourself, and Thrive, joins Kevin to discuss dynamic learning, both personally and organizationally. Brad describes not only a framework to help you become more effective as a lifelong learner, he discusses how you can help your team continue to learn. You must create the space for questions and thought-sharing. Further, he outlines an exercise you can do to continue to open yourself up and learn

Aug 10, 2018

While we’re here…

We really ought to…

Before you know it…

We’ve all been on projects or task forces or teams where scope creep completely derails our initial plans, our progress and our success.

And as leaders, scope creep WILL happen unless we are truly intentional in addressing it beforehand.

Check out this episode for tips on handling the inevitable scope creep in your organization

Aug 8, 2018

You have the choice to take your career seriously. Mary Abbajay is the author of Managing UP and joins Kevin to discuss how leaders, at any level, can develop strategies so you win and your boss can win. Managing Up is not about sucking up. Managing Up is about relationships, leadership, and followership. Mary shares information about different boss types and real-world examples to bridge the gap and collaborate.

Aug 3, 2018

In this episode, we dive further into lessons I mentioned in a previous video: setting clear and mutually understood expectations. 

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